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Schemat przerostu migdałków podniebiennych z masami zalegającego detrytu w poszerzonych kryptach migdałkowych

Cryosurgical cryptolysis


Minimally-invasive, out-patient procedure for the treatment of a bad breath, tonsillar stones in palatine crypts and palatine tonsills hypertrophy.

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Cryosurgical turbinoplasty

Minimally-invasive, out-patient procedure for the treatment of chronic nasal blockage due to the inferior turbinates hypertrophy. Indicated for the decongestants-sensitive nasal blockage.

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Bleeding nasal vessels coagulation (laser and cryo)

Minimally-invasive, out-patient procedure for the treatment of epistaxis. Infectious or hypertensive nasal bleeding come mostly from the superficial septal vessels. Both methods usually solve the problem permanently and with minimal discomfort.


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ENT Endoscopy

1. most reliable diagnostic tool for the adenoid hypertrophy

2. nasal diagnosis - sinusitis, nasal septal deviation, turbinates hypertrophy

3. postoperative follow-up

4. documentation and data collection and analysis

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Schemat prawidłowego sposobu podawania leków do jamy nosa

Sleep diagnostic equipment for at home over-night evaluation. Provides recording and analysis for the most important health parameters during sleep. Evaluates intensity of snoring, sleep apnoea and related health risk for the Patient. Differentiate central (nurological) from obstructive (upper airways related) syndromes.


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Practical tips and tricks for safe and effective home-based procedures every Patient can do at home.


1. How to clean your nose

2. Nasal spray application

3. How to clean your ears

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Nose and sinuses

nasal septal deviation

chronic rhinosinusitis

inferior turbinates hypertrophy

nasal polyposis

nasal blockage

Palatine tonsills

chronic tonsillitis

recurrent acute bacterial pharyngitis

palatine hypertrophy

Adenoid hypertrophy


soft palate

palatine tonsills

Middle ear

  ventilation tubes insertion

Salivary glands

Out-patient clinic admits both children and adults.


Appointment can be arranged Monday - Friday 8 am. - 7 pm. Saturday 8 am. - 11 am.


ENT admission hrs.

Tuesday, Thursday 6 - 8 pm.

Saturday 9 - 11 am.


Consultation costs can be found in the Consultations page.

Choosing one of the Head and Neck regions provide an access to some of the cases I have dealt with in the past.

05-806 Komorów Nowa Wieś

Brzozowa 77 str.

tel. (22) 758-00-02

kom. 515-567-377

email: info@orl.pruszkow.pl

Rafał Chmielewski - ENT consultant, Head and Neck surgeon


Out-patient admissions and local anaesthesia procedures:

1. ENT Specialist Private Practice in Komorów near Warsaw



In-patient (hospital) surgeries:

1. ENT Department, Military Institute of Aviation Medicine, Warsaw

2. Optimum - Head and Neck Clinic, Warsaw (optimum.pl)


My major interest and area of expertise is cryptolysis and turbinoplasty procedures, though I operate with classic methods, laser, electro- and cryosurgery in the wide field of otorhinolaryngology.

I did my ENT residency training in the Department of Otolaryngology, Central Clinical Hospital, Banacha 1 a str., Warsaw Medical University.

My practical surgical experience was strengthen over the period of 3 years by several hundreds unassisted surgeries performed at ENT Department, District Hospital in Siedlce.


In 2002 - 2011 I was teaching Human Anatomy for medicine students at the Human Anatomy Department, Center for Biostructure Research, Warsaw Medical University.

In 2004 - 2006, I was teaching Human Anatomy for medicine students at the American University of the Caribbean, School of Medicine, Saint Maarten.

In 2016 I defended a PHD thesis in the area of Clinical Anatomy - Anatomy of the optico-sinus region - Department of Clinical Anatomy, Centre for Biostructure Research, Warsaw Medical University


Anatomical and clinical experience allow me to operate confidently and safely, what provides me and my Patients a great dose of comfort and peace.


Rafał Chmielewski - ZnanyLekarz.pl