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Scheduled consultation - 150 PLN


Urgent consultation - 200 PLN


History taking, ENT physical examination, diagnosis and treatment proposal are all included in the consultation costs.


There is no extra charge for basic ENT procedures, i.e. earwax removal or taking nasal or pharyngeal swabs for culture. All necessary drug prescriptions and other documents are also provided.


Consultation + endoscopic examination

Consultation + endoscopic examination - 250 PLN


Nasal and pharyngeal endoscopy are the most frequently performed ENT endoscopic examinations. It is a gold standard in the evaluation of hypertrophied pharyngeal tonsill. Can be used in diagnosis of the nasal septum and sinuses, ear and palatine or pharyngeal tonsills.


A PDF report with endoscopic pictures obtained is sent for the Patient's e-mail address.

Sleep apnea/snoring overnight evaluation

Sleep evaluation + ENT consultation - 450 PLN


The nurse sets and adjusts the equipment in the evening and the Patient starts it just before he/she goes to sleep at his/her home. The diagnostic data are being recorded and transmitted to the InfoScan analytic centre, there the sleep specialist analyse it and prepare the summary report.

The report is sent to the ENT specialist, who examines the Patient, explains the report results and proposes next steps of further evaluation or therapy.


Costs of all the ENT procedures are individually discussed with the Patient.

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