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Viral, bacterial and fungal diagnosis - on the ENT examination, samples can be collected from ear, nose, mouth and throat for the antimicrobial evaluation (including quick anti-Strep tests done during the visit)


Histopathology evaluation - every tissue excised should be sent for the pathology diagnosis. In 2 to 3 weeks the report is available and further advice is provided.


Endoscopy - Endoscopic examination allows for evaluation of organs which cannot be diagnosed with the standard ENT tools. The endoscope is usually a thin metal or rubber-coated elastic tube with a lens on top of it. Combined with the light source provides a visualization of structures placed close to the lens.


Endoskopia zatok

Sleep evaluation (polisomnography) - Sleep parameters are recorded while the Patient sleeps at home what significantly rises the comfort. The nurse sets and adjusts the equipment in the evening and the Patient starts it just before he/she goes to sleep. The sleep data are transmitted to the server over night. The following day, sleep specialist analyses them and prepares the report for the Patient and for the referring physician.

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