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Nasal cavities are lined with mucous membrane and should constantly be moist and clean to play its important physiological role.

There are several methods and preparations to achieve this:


1. Sea water nasal spray application


2. Physiological saline solutions nasal drops


3. Nasal douching/irrigation


Schemat prawidłowego sposobu podawania leków do jamy nosa

Most of the Patients have never been informed about the proper way of nasal sprays administration. The drugs were applied in a random fashion to the nose with random effectiveness.

Spray treatment of the turbinates, paranasal sinuses and auditory tube insufficiency should be used in a precise and standardized way, depicted on the diagram.


Schemat budowy ucha

Olive oil is recommended for home-based ear cleaning procedures by Polish and International ENT societies. Applied frequently over a period of several days dissolves and cleans the ear canal with no risk. No adverse effects have been described jet.


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