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Bleeding nasal vessels coagulation (laser and cryo)

Minimally-invasive, out-patient procedure for the treatment of epistaxis. Infectious and hypertensive nasal bleeding come mostly from the superficial septal vessels. Both methods usually solve the problem permanently and with no pain.

Nasal septum main arterial branches

Kiesselbach plexus - place of junction of main arterial branches of the septum. This is the most frequent place of nose bleeds due to rhinosinusitis, fever, arterial hypertension and anticoagulation treatment.


Epistaxis coagulation treatment

Does not need general anaesthesia, though local lignocaine spray may be necessary. There are no specific prerequisites.

Cryosurgical probe or laser beam coagulates bleeding vessel or the place where the vessel originates. Several vessels can be coagulated on one occasion, preferably on one side of the nose to prevent septal perforation. The procedure takes several minutes and the effect is immediate and stable with time. It can be done again if this is necessary.

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