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How to clean your nose

Nasal cavities are lined with mucous membrane and should constantly be moist and clean to play its important physiological role.

There are several methods and preparations to achieve this:


1. Sea water nasal spray application


It is easy to use and with virtually no contraindications. At the same time least effective due to smallest "flush" area in the nose. Most important ostio-meatal complex region is not reached by this method.


2. Physiological saline solutions nasal drops


Similarly easy and more effective if properly done. Patients head position is crucial in this case. Recommended for younger children (up to 3-4 y-o). Patient should lie on the back with the head tilted behind the bed edge, possibly supported by his/her parent. Saline solution in the amount of 4-5 ml is injected to one and a second nostril. After about 30 seconds the child sits-up and and blows his/her nose or the nasal secretions are being evacuated by the parent. This method provides better penetration and more efficiently cleans nasal mucosa, especially in young children.


3. Nasal douching/irrigation


Most effective method to clean nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses. It is recommended for adults and children of age 4 and older. Pharmacies provide several sets of bottles with sachets to be dissolved in boiled water (Sinus Rinse, Fixsin, Respimer).


Patient's head is bend over the wash basin and injects the solution to one nostril. Solution cleans this nasal cavity and evacuates through opposite nostril. Procedure is next repeated for the other side. Mouth should be open to equalize the pressure. Douching most often is recommended to be done twice a day.


Below is a link from the NeilMed company educational video with the nasal douching procedure.


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