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Choosing one of the Head and Neck regions provide an access to some of the cases I have dealt with in the past.

Cases are arranged according to traditional ENT regions.

Nasal septum deformation

Woman 29-y-o, history of exacerbated sore throat with swallowing difficulties

Frightened of polyps or bulges on the posterior pharyngeal wall.

Man 17-y-o, several years history of chronic left sided nasal blockage

Intermittent headaches, no history of recurrent sinus or ear infections, no trauma, no running nose, no smell problems. Spontaneous massive left nasal septum deviation caused by right sided concha bullosa.

Boy 13-y-o, right sided nasal blockage

No other signs or symptoms.

Woman 39-y-o, right sided nasal blockage

Frequent upper airways infections.


CT scan presents uncommon configuration of the nasal septum deformation - double bony septal spur between the vomer and the perpendicular plate of the ethmoid bone. Spurs are in close contact with right middle nasal concha and significantly narrow the right nasal passage.


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