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Nasal spray proper application

Most of the Patients have never been informed about the proper way of nasal sprays administration. The drugs were applied in a random way to the nose with random effectiveness.

Spray treatment of the turbinates, paranasal sinuses and auditory tube insufficiency should be used in a precise and standardized way, depicted on the diagram below:

Schemat prawidłowego sposobu podawania leków do jamy nosa

The tip of the nasal applicator should be placed straight in the nostril and then turned towards the eye. Spraying on aspiration rises the efficacy of the drug. The opposite side of the nose is sprayed analogically.


This way of application accumulates most of the dose above the inferior turbinate, in the region of the ostio-meatal complex which is a outflow passage for most of the sinuses (maxillary, frontal and anterior ethmoid). Repeated treatment of this localization affects the inflamed mucous membrane of those sinuses, releasing pain and fluid accumulation.


In case of severe nasal septal deformation or extensive polyposis, successful conservative treatment may not be possible until the nasal patency is restored with the surgical procedure.


Movie presents proper nasal spray application (i.e. Nasonex)



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