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ESS - Endoscopic sinus surgery

Schemat anatomii prawidłowej zatok przynosowych

Pic. Major paranasal sinuses - GREEN - maxillary and YELLOW - ethmoid; RED - ostio-meatal complex

Main goal of endoscopic sinus surgery to clean the nose and the sinuses from the polypoid and inflammatory tissues and to restore proper ventilation and drainage of those spaces.


Ostio-meatal complex (red) is a key-point in sinus surgery. Maxillary, ethmoid and frontal sinuses drain to this place and proper dealing with this region allows for good outcome.


Nowadays sinus surgery is done with use of endoscopic optics and compatible surgical instruments. All major sinuses can be effectively and safely accessed that way.


Postoperative follow-up and controls are crucial in successful healing of the sinuses. Nasal douching and regular endoscopic cleaning of operated region with nasal steroids are mandatory in this process. There is usually only minor pain and discomfort associated with the surgery and  there is no need for the painkillers.


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