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Choosing one of the Head and Neck regions provide an access to some of the cases I have dealt with in the past.

Cases are arranged according to traditional ENT regions.

Sinus diseases

Healthy left nasal cavity - endoscopic view


0 degree endoscopic view of the left nasal cavity - nasal septum on the left, middle and inferior turbinates on the right. Laterally to the middle turbinate is the uncinate process. The space between the turbinates and the septum leads to nasopharynx.

Nasal mucous membrane is wet, shiny and pink in colour with no discolourations or discharge on top of it. Nasal passage is free of polyps.

Man 37-y-o, chronic bilateral nasal obstruction

Nasal blockage more prominent on the right side. Chronic and recurrent nasal infections. Subtotal loss of smell.

Woman 29-y-o, asymptomatic

CT scan revealed bilateral anatomical variation - concha bullosa. No other abnormalities were identified.

Concha bullosa - excised


Several thin-walled bony compartments are visible inside, lined with mucosa. Frequently excision is necessary to unblock the ostio-meatal complex and to gain surgical access to other sinuses.

Extensive pneumatization of the paranasal sinuses


CT scan of otherwise healthy individual.

Left maxillary sinus hypoplasia


CT scans present bilateral concha bullosa with the hypoplasia of the left maxillary sinus - medial wall of the sinus in horizontal position (red), right medial maxillary wall in the normal position (yellow).

Right maxillary sinus cyst

CT scan revealed a big cyst of the right maxillary sinus caused most probably by the dental implant in the lumen of the sinus.

Endoscopic view of the inflamed nasal mucosa


Swelling, redness and purulent secretion on both the septum and the turbinates. On palpation the mucosa easily bleeds.

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